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Always ordered for pick up since they have a nice bonus for you when you do. Price is actually cheaper compared to the other chain pizza joints. Tastes much better too. Portions are great and you can even special order for big groups. Comes out more of a square than the usual round shape. Would I recommend them? HeIl, yeah, I would. Lol!                                                                              - Marcel S (Castroville, CA)


Great dough !

When you are on the go and have spare change, nothing else will fill you up like a pepperoni slice of this bad boy. For only $1.50 a pop you get a lot. It's a big slice and it's nice and warm. Great dough a little airy compared to the other chain pizzas. - Rosio S (Watsonville, CA)

Good pizza and nice - when you order a large or extra large you get a free small pepperoni the kids love that. It is a fair price which is nice and their pizza sizes are bigger than most.                                                               - Chris G  (Los Angeles, CA)

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    Super yummy!

"NY style taste with a thicker, chewy crust. Favorite in Watsonville"

         - Heidy S. (San Francisco, CA)

Price is actually cheaper than other chain pizza joints!

Hands down the best pizza place. I have grown up eating this pizza and have great memories picking up a large pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and getting a small pizza for free! The pizza has a little bit of a Mexican flair. My favorite thing about this pizza is their dough, super yummy.                                     - Marisol P (Whittier, CA)  

You get a free small pepperoni!

Pizzamia has a hidden treasure with the most delicious (my mouth is watering right now) pizza you may ever have. The crust,

toppings, cheese and sauce...aIl perfection. The pizza is so light and airy you can eat an entire pizza without even realizing it. The pepperoni is always cooked to perfection and the prices can't be beat. Unlike Cassidys. Round Table etc I have never had a bad experience at Pizzamia. Hands down the best pizza (at the best price)in town!                         - M S (Watsonville, CA)

I've been going here since I was child. It brings memories going inside to play arcade games while waiting for a couple of slices of pizza to open up to order. The sauce is different in the sense that it has this spicy character to it. And love how its greasy, and you have to use napkins to remove some of it. It's not the best pizza I've ever had but it gets the job done.   - Kris S  (Watsonville, CA)

The sauce it has this spicy character!

Most delicious pizza you may ever have!

I've been coming to Pizza Mia since I was a little girl. So it's been over 15 years and I'm still love coming here, their pizza is good. Affordable and always fresh. I sometimes just go for a slice which are $1.50 or a whole pizza.         - Lupita G (Pajaro, CA)              


Its been over 15 years and I still love coming here!



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I'm a very picky eater but this place does it right. Handmade fresh ingredients and thin crust. Perfect!!!

 - Thomas N (Santa Cruz, CA)